Intuitive Eating| RESPECT YOUR BODY | Week 8

Welcome to week 8 of the 10 week Clean and Delicious intuitive eating series. We hope you have been following along and enjoying the series. If this is your first time here we encourage you to review the first seven as the principles tend to work together in sequence. You will gain more from the series if you start from the beginning. What people are getting out of this series is a way to approach weight loss in a more healthy way.

Today is all about respecting your body and that’s what we are going to be chatting about and why it is so important. We don’t all walk around thinking that everybody should have the same shoe size so why is it that so many people think we should all have the same body size or the same body type. There is something to be said for your generic blueprint. Just the general shape and size and type of body that you have and then accepting what that is. You want to respect your body.

Respecting our bodies means that we treat them with dignity and kindness and we meet all of our basic needs no matter what our body looks like. Some bodies are rounder and softer and thicker and some bodies are longer and leaner and taller. Unfortunately our society tends to value a certain look over another. The way we begin to change that is by beginning to change the way we view our bodies and the way we view other people’s bodies. We all want to look our best and feel our best. We are all on that very same journey but we also have to remember to pause and remind ourselves that our bodies are our homes. This is literally the space that you will live in for the rest of your life. This body is what allows you to jump and play and touch and smell and taste. Our bodies let us hold the hands of our children and hug the people we love. All of those things that we can thank our bodies for no matter what that body looks like. There is more to our bodies than just how they look.

A great way to begin to show respect to your body is to find some gratitude for your body. Even if you are not ready to fully accept your body’s generic blueprint or the way your body looks you can still cultivate habits that are kind and respectful. Gratitude is a fantastic place to start. If you are willing to approach it with an open mind you can certainly find something about your body that you are grateful for. Example, I’m grateful that my body breathes without me having to think about it. I’m grateful that my body allowed me to birth two beautiful healthy children. I’m grateful that my body allows me to go to my yoga class or to get in the kitchen and cook. I’m grateful that my body allows me to experience pleasure, be that a massage or a pedicure or simply scratching an itch. All of these things feel really good and we would not be able to experience them without our bodies. What can you find about your body to appreciate? When you begin to shift your attitude to gratitude you are going to see that it also shifts the way that you feel.

Another way to show respect to your body is basic self-care which is taking care of your body’s basic needs. Taking a warm shower, taking care of your skin, brushing your teeth and taking care of your hair. It can be moving your body in a way that feels good or eating foods that give your body energy and nourish yourself or resting when you’re tired. All of these things seem very basic, but the truth is each one acts in a way that you are taking care of your body and that you are showing some respect and kindness and love to yourself.

Another suggestion from the Intuitive Eating Book is to get rid of your scales. We don’t think that this needs to apply to everybody, but if you are someone who can go about feeling pretty good and then you step on the scale, you find that the numbers that are reflected back really affect your mood for the day. You might want to think about getting rid of your scales if it is creating more negative emotion or triggers some type of negative thought pattern. It might be better to lose the scales and just focus on how your body is feeling.

Another fun way to practice showing your body some respect is to go to your closet and give it a nice big old closet detox. You want to take out anything in your closet that does not fit you or you don’t enjoy wearing or that doesn’t feel comfortable on you. Place it in a box and get it out of the closet. The goal here is that when you go to your closet you will only pick out things that when you put them on, feel really good, look really good and more importantly make you feel really good wearing.

When you keep old clothes that used to fit you 10 years ago or you’re hanging on to that blouse because it was expensive but you don’t really like the way it feels when you wear it. You are really doing a disservice to yourself and it is disrespectful so we want you to really think about getting everything out. You don’t have to give it away just yet. You can store it away in the attic or basement. Just get it out of sight so when you go to the closet you can feel good about what’s in there waiting for you.

If you find that you don’t have anything to remove, then make it a priority to take yourself on a little shopping spree. You don’t have to spend a ton of money, but just find a couple of items that you can really feel fabulous in. It is a way of showing your body and yourself some respect.

On a side note, in the Intuitive Eating Book they have a lot more practices for you to take a deeper dive into ways to respect your body.

One final way to practice respecting your body is to stop comparing yourself to others both physically and emotionally. Practice pointing your attention inward. Look for the qualities in yourself that you really like. Look at your own personal strengths. A great exercise is to grab a pen and paper and make a list of some of the things that are fabulous about you. It could be something as simple as being a good listener or being a great friend or being an amazing mom. All of these things, we all have these qualities inside of us but we don’t really take the time to focus on and to celebrate. Write it down on paper and remind yourself that these are my personal strengths. I don’t need to be looking outside of myself to validate them. It’s just who I am and this is my truth. When you recognize that and honor it, that is a way of showing some respect to yourself.

Start to train your brain to have your own back. Remember to constantly show up and vote for yourself. Like everything else we have talked about in the last eight weeks all of this is a practice. These small steps really add up. So we want to encourage you to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Create this positive space for yourself so that you can create a relationship with your food, your body and yourself. That you are desiring and that you really deserve it.

We are super curious to hear from you. Do you have any practices that helped you to respect your body? Because we are learning from each other we would like to hear about your thoughts, your feelings, your ideas, your experiences and your aha moments. Please come on down to the comments section below and let us know.

If you know anybody else who you think could benefit from this series please pass it along.

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