Today we are here with some more food for thought.

It’s a video about intuitive eating brought to you by Dani Spies from Clean & Delicoius. Dani had shared a video on intuitive eating and why it can feel so hard at the beginning. She had such a great response to that video she decided to do an intuitive eating series.

A lot of you will find this topic intriguing as very clearly a lot of people were very interested and curious to find out more. Or you may already be on your own personal journey with intuitive eating and have a desire to learn more about it.

So Dani decided to do an intuitive eating series over a ten week period. The series will be based around the book, Intuitive Eating by Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole. The book with associated work book is the guideline for this series which covers 10 principles about creating a kind and healthy relationship with food.

Intuitive Eating Series

The approach taken in the series is all about eating well and creating the health and the body and the relationship with food that you want without feeling crazy.

We highly recommend this book to anybody who’s in that space with food. Whether you’re struggling with weight, struggling with your body, struggling with your health or trying to reach your goals. This book and the 10-week series is for any of those struggles between yourself and your relationship with food.

We think this book could benefit you with these 10 principles.

One: Reject the diet mentality.
Two: Honor your hunger.
Three: Make peace with food.
Four: Challenge the food police.
Five: Feel your fullness.
Six: Discover the satisfaction factor
Seven: Cope with your emotions without eating food.
Eight: Respect your body
Nine: Exercise, feel the difference, and
Ten: Honor your health with gentle nutrition.

So those are the 10 guiding factors that Dani will be using over the 10 weeks.

Now if you want to take the deep dive with me what I would really recommend is you pop on over to Amazon, grab the book it’s like 13 or 14 dollars from the link below. As we go through the series you can read each chapter along with Dani.

Dani will be sharing her own personal experiences and her own insights. It will be like having your own personal wellness and weight loss coach. We recommend you read the first chapter of the book before viewing video 1 and so on with the other videos. Dani will be talking about what each chapter has to say while sharing her own personal experiences. She will provide insights as a health and weight loss coach, bringing it all to the table.

You don’t have to buy the book and can just view the videos. You can come back anytime to review the videos here at Essential Diet Guide. Dani’s says, ‘If you really want to take that deep dive with me, grab the book read a chapter a week with me and we will explore together’.

We are super excited about being able to bring to you this intuitive eating series. And we hope you enjoy learning about this topic and are able to put into practice in your own life.

If you are ready to start your journey on this great series you will find the first part here, Intuitive Eating Week One.

Brought to you by Clean & Delicious from Youtube

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