I Tried The Military Diet For A Week

I Tried The Military Diet For A Week

Hungry I am so hungry. I have no food to eat today! – Have you heard of the Military diet? That sounds cool. That sounds great I feel like if it’s something that people in the army do it should be safe boy was I wrong. Read on to find out why ……

It’s only called the military diet because only the strong survive. You might be thinking Three days is dumb. I could do three days so easily… A lot can happen when you’re hungry, guys, and I get hangry. And after looking at this, the three days look a little scary so each day will go from 1,300 calories to 1,200 calories to 1,100 calories And then you have four days of a 1,500 Calorie diet plan So that’s pretty simple, but the goal of this diet is to lose up to 10 pounds in seven days which sounds totally sustainable.

But I’m amped to try it. Just because I want to see what this is all about the days are very strange. This diet has a lot of tuna, bread coffee, and ice cream. And eggs… So I mean in terms of how much you have to pay for to get this diet it’s pretty simple foods that I feel like are very easy to find you know I’ve never really had a cup of ice cream and two hotdogs with no bun as a meal, But we’ll see No need for strenuous exercise or expensive pills! I don’t.. I.. what, like, pills? What, like, diet pills? “The people that fail on the military diet simply don’t have the drive and determination to do what they can.” That’s like kind of rude.

This is bullying people into a diet I’m not a fan. Alright military diet, I’m coming for you, and I’m going to get you! I am… coming home from work – not driving, I am about to leave work right now, and I’m just gonna say my head is killing me I don’t know if it’s that I’m kind of doing a detox of sugar I don’t know what it is but I’m starving and I can’t wait to have my cup of ice cream, so I’m ready for that. It was a struggle. I feel really tired my head hurts, and I’m irritable. Alright, military diet’s coming THROUGH right now. I got my.. medium rare steak, and a cup of green beans, and I still get an apple, half a banana, and a cup of ice cream, so I’m feeling better now All right, here is breakfast day 2.

We’ve got one slice of toast one egg and half a banana, and I gotta get my cup of coffee Is… What is this right now? What is that? Alright, It is day two, I just had my breakfast. I’m feeling pretty good. It actually filled me up a bit, but My lunch today is a cup of cottage cheese, an egg, and five saltines So we’ll see how that goes It’s day two of the military diet, (You’re on a military diet?) (It’s awful.) And this is what I have to stare at all day. Well, here’s my monster Weenie Hut Jr. meal, Here’s my boyfriend’s meal that looks so good! I can’t have it. Your veggies look better though. What? Your veggies look better than mine. I dunno about the hot dogs.. Well. Yeah, they do, but that looks like Jambalaya.. looks REAL GOOD. Is this how you open a coconut, Lily? Yeah, I watched Castaway, I know how this works.

Lily’s forcing me to eat a coconut on my last day.  This is day three I’m about to head home to eat dinner. I’m very lightheaded today. This is the final day in which you eat less and less each day so today, I think I’ll clock in at around 1,100 Calories. Just to put it in perspective, my basal metabolic rate is about 1,700 calories So I’m very hungry. I’m very irritated. And I’m just tired.

I’m so lethargic right now This is stupid! As I’m about to devour my final meal, I’ve learned there’s nothing more delicious than ice cream and tuna! Whoo… why haven’t we thought about this before? The Victoria’s secret diet has nothing on this, and don’t call me a baby until you’ve tried this. my mood I could cut a bitch right now. Y’all I feel like such an old person because I just had oatmeal For the first time today, and I am so happy and I’m so happy this is over, bless up, uh I love food. Hi, everyone, it is a Beautiful day because I am not on a diet and I’m so excited you guys look… I get that the hardest part was only three days and then the Four days are just kind of like regular diet stuff, but guys… It was not fun. I do not recommend this to anybody.

I don’t care how skinny you want to get how fast It was weird my dinners were bizarre It was a combination of meat and ice cream which sounds good, but during the day You’re limited to like one slice of bread and one egg and I know that there will be people in the comments that are like you just ate more than I eat in a day and I can’t believe in being a baby.

It was hard. Okay. It was really hard and I just feel like the nutrition was all over the place and weird and wonky and It was like you know in the morning, It was very carb heavy and then you know protein Heavy but there was rarely, you know, a balance of vegetables and fruit and you know I was so surprised that the lunches were like a slice of bread and tuna and not something that involved a lot of Nutrients, it was very strange, and I found myself getting like emotional about things I slept really poorly.

I just didn’t feel good and my head hurt all the time That might have been from the Detox of sugar But it was also very strange that you’re drinking so much coffee on so little calories So I felt very hyper all the time. I felt like the world was going to end and it was like super anxious Did I lose weight? Yeah, I mean a couple pounds, but the problem with diets like this. Is that you’re so restrictive And you can’t have certain things so when you’re off of it All you want is the thing you couldn’t have so then your weight. Just goes back up again You know what I recommend this for No, you know I wouldn’t recommend it I would rather just you know count my calories and eat a ton of vegetables and a low-fat diet That’s the secret. I was tired all the time And by the third day when you’re at 1,100 calories is your total as your total and I’m used to 1,800 calories as my total it’s Exhausting you’re tired, and you don’t want to exercise Let me know what, what you want me to go through next.

I’m thinking Pippa Middleton’s diet or Beyonce? I don’t know. Let me know you guys, and I hope this helped. I hope it’s shed light on what this diet is like. Make sure to share this article if you thought it was cool or interesting and subscribe because I’m going to have a lot more diet content. And I’m really excited to start doing some more recipes and stuff, and I love that you guys share your fitness journey tips and everything like that, so I guess I’ll see you next time Bye!.

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